Short instructional video on how to add and remove people as administrators on your Facebook Page. We can all use a little help sometimes, and working on our Facebook Page is no exception, especially if it’s a business page. Here’s how you add a new administrator onto your Facebook Page, and also how you can […]


How to get website colour and measurement info

Being able to gather HTML colour (color) codes and measurements from a website can be a useful step when designing a website. Here is one way to get that information, shared via “how-to” YouTube and SlideShare presentations.


Yup, some words DEFINITELY get in the way…

Specific words can either enhance or block a conversation, depending on who is our audience. Here is one example.


Matchmaking: Message and Medium – Part 2

The message must match the medium chosen in order for the point to get across. Why waste time and effort with ineffective media for important messages? Here’s another example.


Matchmaking: Message and Medium – Part 1

Fire safety messages for public education — does the message format and medium of broadcasting make a difference to the effectiveness of the message to encourage people to take action and make change to their home safety habits?