Matchmaking: Message and Medium – Part 1

I recently explored the subject of “Fire Safety” to see how experts are presenting public education information on this topic.

I’m in Canada, so my Google search returned Canadian sites first (of course). Here is what Google gave me for its top three ranked sites.

  1. — Fire Prevention Canada
  2. — Staying Alive
  3. — Safe Canada — Fire Prevention

Here’s a screenshot:


Screen shot of Google Canada search results for "Fire Safety," taken on March 18 at 10:04 am PST

Spend up to three minutes per site — as little as you like but no more, please! — to scan through these top three sites and get a sense for the following:

  1. Purpose
  2. Message
  3. Audience
  4. Medium and/or method of message delivery

Then ask yourself this:

  1. Do these top-three Google-ranked sites help me understand anything more about fire safety in the three minutes I have to explore them than I knew before?
  2. How much of that new knowledge will help me take action so my home is more fire safe?
  3. If I spent ten or fifteen minutes (an eternity in online reading) at each site instead of only three, what difference would that make to my understanding and response?

Now, take a look at this very short (48 second) YouTube video from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (US), put up by Linglestown Fire Company 35.


More on this topic next time…


Here’s a mobile-friendly link, in case you have problems with the video player above:

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  1. Today’s date: June 24, 2011

    So, the second and third links are no longer valid, and the first link has not been updated since sometime before October, 2010. The third link at least tells me that the “ web portal has been decommissioned effective March 12, 2010 and is no longer being maintained or updated.” However, if fails to tell me where I can now find fire safety information.

    A fresh Google search shows me this, as their top pick, followed by a collection of images, and finally by the site they used to place first,

    I stand by my original post about effective messages that will reach the intended audience.

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