Erin Anne Beirne, MAPC

Highlights: Publishing for Canadians. Communications strategy and implementation. Master of Arts in Professional Communications, Royal Roads University.

About Erin Anne

I use storytelling and "content marketing" to promote my clients' work. I develop and implement communications strategies using all the on- and offline tools and media at our disposal, publish books and ebooks and market them internationally, or even just simply create a new website and teach the client how to run it. If you have something interesting to say, a valuable service to offer, or an important cause to promote, I'd love to work with you, too!


Notes from “The Agatha Christie Code”

The Agatha Christie Code As seen on PBS, produced in 2005, saw airing in December 2012 Few facts: Burial place: St Mary’s Church, Chelsea, Oxfordshire 2.3 billion books published, second only to Shakespeare Agatha Mary Clarissa Mallowan, known as Agatha Christie Born 1890 Died 1976 Research analysts who led this project: Dr Richard Forsyth, Research […]


Customers Who Stealth-Shop, and How Your Business Blog Can Reach Them

In this insightful piece, The Dumbest Excuse SMBs Use to Avoid Blogging, author Doug Rekenthaler argues that customers have turned the traditional buying process on its head, not entering the direct marketing process until the very last stages of their buying process. They avoid direct contact with the company or the sales person until they’ve […]


Anonymous help from unseen strangers

After nearly twenty years online, I’m very happy to report that the early-days attitude of caring and sharing and helping complete strangers with their tech issues via online discussions and forums has not ended. Not even close. Besides an amazing weekend at WordCamp Vancouver 2012 and BuddyCamp Vancouver, with volunteer experts coming from around the […]


Pick Me!

Hi Pat, I’ve been following your blog/email for ages now! I like your approach to your online work, and especially think I can learn a lot from your approach to affiliate marketing. Your explanation of what you do and how you do it ( was clear and simple, and transparent. I was interested to see […]


The value of a good course

I recently encountered a puzzling challenge on a client’s WordPress site. They wanted to make a design change, and all the usual methods didn’t work. For example, one simple change they wanted was to have the date removed from their blog posts. They don’t write a lot of content, and very little of it is […]


HOW-TO VIDEO: How to add PDFs to your iPad for portable, paperless reading

Want to take some time on your holiday to catch up on some important reading but don’t want to take reams of paper with you? Have commuting time to pass and need something more stimulating to read? Find yourself unexpectedly waiting…and waiting…and waiting…? Preload your iPad with a stack of PDFs you never seem to […]


How to manage the content on your iPod, iPhone, or iPad

I had a recent question about how to remove all the unwanted content on an iPod. Kathy only wanted to have music on her iPod, now that she had both an iPhone and an iPad to work with, and she had decided now to leave her iPod attached to the stereo in the living room. […]


CONTENT MARKETING: A great step in the right direction… but much more is needed!

Sunday morning, relaxing at the breakfast table, I put down my coffee cup and pick up the Province newspaper. Out drops a flyer. Just one. My usual habit is to grab the whole pile of flyers stuffed into the section of the paper and immediately drop them in the recycling bin outside the kitchen door, […]


WARNING: A whole new kind of scam

QUESTION: As you read this post, also think about it from a communications and reputation-management perspective. If you were the company affected by this scam, how would you handle it?   Well, imagine my surprise yesterday when I made myself a mid-morning cup of coffee and re-opened my email to get caught up, and suddenly […]


PORTFOLIO: Allowances, Dollars and Sense by Paul W. Lermitte

After four years of careful work, and with the help of an awesome team led by Kiangle Communications Inc, Paul W. Lermitte completely revised and updated, then designed and self-published the second edition of his book, Allowances, Dollars and Sense. The book, originally published in 1999, was a bestseller internationally, and Paul kept getting requests […]