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Hi Pat,

I’ve been following your blog/email for ages now! I like your approach to your online work, and especially think I can learn a lot from your approach to affiliate marketing. Your explanation of what you do and how you do it ( was clear and simple, and transparent. I was interested to see you talk about Clay Collins, too, because he’s also been on my radar for a while.

I’m interested in the LeadPlayer plugin for several websites.

  • SurreyCares is an experimental website project of the Surrey Foundation, which is a community foundation that helps “un-rich” people in the community make a significant difference to the causes they care about. I am the (volunteer) Chair of the Communications Team, and we are presently revamping everything from our brand to our online user interface to our what-we-communicate-and-why strategy! Part of the new plan is to promote non-profits throughout our community, especially those we give grants to or whom we serve as their financial caretakers. This plugin would be a great way to include a call-to-action to garner donations or event registrations for these charities, as well as a good way to sign up new newsletter subscribers.
  • The Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services Band is an historical cultural group that has represented the Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services department since 1927. All our members are volunteers, and some of us do double-duty as band organizers; I look after our online presence, including developing and maintaining our website. We post videos of the band up here all the time, using YouTube as our server, and being able to encourage viewers to “Like” us on Facebook, or tweet about our upcoming public events, would be a huge bonus! As well, linking viewers to the main fire department website, especially the recruiting page, would be a huge asset for the fire department. Our band is made up of three groups of people in about even thirds: active-duty firefighters, including an assistant chief and several captains; retired firefighters, including a retired chief training officer who also has over fifty years of service to the band; and civilians, like myself, many of whom have also volunteered with the band for many years!
  • Author Paul W. Lermitte has written an international bestselling book for parents, to help them teach their children great money management skills from an early age. This past winter, we republished a completely revamped version of his book, which we split into two separate titles to zero in on the child demographics more effectively. The first book is for parents with children who are 12 and under; the second book, which is currently on the printing press and due to arrive in late September (along with ebook versions for Kindle and EPUB readers), is for parents of teenagers. (Perhaps the first book would interest you, Pat?). He’s writing a brand-new book now, aimed at young adults, intended to give them wisdom about career and education decisions, along with other topics pertinent to twenty- and thirty-somethings. I would use this plugin on Paul’s site to include a call-to-action to purchase Paul’s book(s), and to make it easy for people to sign up for his e-newsletter. His books are SO good, and this topic is so important, that I’m delighted to be working with him on this educational project.
  • I run several of my own sites, including one that is going back onto the drawing board. I have multiple food allergies, and have written a bit about this in an old website I called GoofyGrub. I’m rethinking the whole format, including the brand, and am planning to move it to a new URL. Short videos that include subscription optins and calls-to-action would be a great asset to this labour of love.
  • Another site I run is my business site, Kiangle. I prepare How-To videos on about a monthly basis, and could increase this output substantially if I were able to include a business benefit to creating them. Creating a community of people who are interested in discussing how to use online tools to advance their goals, whether they are a small business that supports their family or a non-profit that serves important causes the community cares about, would be a huge plus of this plugin!

I don’t know if this is enough reason to encourage you to pick me, but I hope so! Just imagine if this video had a “Pick Me!” call-to-action button on the end of it… wouldn’t that be cool?

Thanks for the information review, and good luck to both you and Clay with this new product!


About Erin Anne

I use storytelling and "content marketing" to promote my clients' work. I develop and implement communications strategies using all the on- and offline tools and media at our disposal, publish books and ebooks and market them internationally, or even just simply create a new website and teach the client how to run it. If you have something interesting to say, a valuable service to offer, or an important cause to promote, I'd love to work with you, too!


  1. Erin Anne Beirne says

    Thanks everyone! I haven’t received my copy yet, but I’m sure I will soon. Really appreciate your kind words!

  2. Excellent. Well done Erin Anne Beirne. Congrats for winning.

  3. Congratulations on winning the plugin. Pat’s picked his winners well.

  4. Hello fellow SPI reader. Good luck, i hope you win one of the plugins.

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