HOW-TO VIDEO: How to add PDFs to your iPad for portable, paperless reading

Want to take some time on your holiday to catch up on some important reading but don’t want to take reams of paper with you? Have commuting time to pass and need something more stimulating to read? Find yourself unexpectedly waiting…and waiting…and waiting…? Preload your iPad with a stack of PDFs you never seem to […]


DEMO: Right-justify a column in WP-Table Reloaded

Trying to solve a puzzle: how to right-justify currency data in a table from within the table, without altering the CSS code in the background. I’m using WordPress 3.3 and WP-Table Reloaded at the time of press (January 24, 2012). Here I tried using <td align=”right”>$100.00</td> within the relevant cells, and was surprised to see […]