PORTFOLIO: Allowances, Dollars and Sense by Paul W. Lermitte

Front Cover of Allowances, Dollars and SenseAfter four years of careful work, and with the help of an awesome team led by Kiangle Communications Inc, Paul W. Lermitte completely revised and updated, then designed and self-published the second edition of his book, Allowances, Dollars and Sense.

The book, originally published in 1999, was a bestseller internationally, and Paul kept getting requests for a new version or even just a copy of the old version, long out of print by the original publishing house. However, we realized it needed a renovation in order to keep up with the times. Additionally, having maintained the rights to his book, Paul decided to self-publish it this time, and hired Kiangle Communications to guide him through the process and get his book to market.

After some great advice from our editor, Naomi Pauls of PaperTrail Publishing, we split the book into two: book one for parents of younger children, and book two for parents of teenagers. We updated it to reflect modern technology and abandon topics and toys no longer in vogue, as well as to refresh the writing style. Then we brought in Jan Perrier of Perrier Design to overhaul the layout and look of the book. We kept the original name, Allowances, Dollars and Sense, using it for Book One.

The result is a stellar guide for parents who want to teach their children great money management skills, and we are very proud to offer it to parents in Canada, the US, the UK, Australia, Germany and Switzerland! We only have an English-language version for now, but may consider translating it after we’ve got the other books in the series out to the market. (What do you think? Would you be interested in reading it in another language? If so, which one?)

Better yet, it’s now available in both a print and ebook formats! The ebook format is in keeping with the theme of making wise choices for less money, plus it acknowledges the rapid growth in ebook technology and the number of people who now prefer to read books on their Kindle, iPad, or other ereader.

You can view a sample of the Kindle book here, and of the iBook version here. We are working on making Kobo and nook versions available, too. Print copies are available internationally through Paul’s website, as well as through Amazon Canada and Amazon US. We’re working out how to make Paul’s books available through other online retailers as well, such as Chapters/Indigo and maybe Barnes and Noble.

Paul and the team are now working on polishing up book two, newly titled Dreams, Dollars and Sense, which will help parents of teenagers teach them how to earn money and budget wisely for the many things teenagers want and need, including important things like a college education, and fun things like new clothes. Dreams, Dollars and Sense is due out in April 2012, all being well and all deadlines being met smoothly!

Book three, Decisions and Dollars and Sense is well underway, too. This book is addressed directly to young adults in their 20s and 30s, and helps them set a solid financial foundation for the rest of their lives. Although the book is still in the writing stage, Paul’s plan is to cover big topics, like university, choosing and beginning a career, housing, mortgages, vehicles, consumer debt, and possibly even marriage, all areas of our lives that affect our financial security.

To support the sales of the book, Kiangle Communications also created Paul’s website for him. It’s still pretty basic, but we’re working away on a few ideas to enhance it and turn it into a fountain of knowledge and ideas for parents concerned with preparing their children for the future! Meanwhile, you can download worksheets to help you track your children’s allowances, help them save for special purchases, and so on.

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