HOW-TO: Quickly add a file to your Kindle iOS App

Say you are working on the ebook of your dreams, and your agent sends you a draft copy of your work-in-progress so you can see what it looks like on your iPad. There are several methods for getting it into your Kindle App, but if you need to access your new .mobi (Kindle format) file […]


HOW-TO VIDEO: How to add PDFs to your iPad for portable, paperless reading

Want to take some time on your holiday to catch up on some important reading but don’t want to take reams of paper with you? Have commuting time to pass and need something more stimulating to read? Find yourself unexpectedly waiting…and waiting…and waiting…? Preload your iPad with a stack of PDFs you never seem to […]


How to manage the content on your iPod, iPhone, or iPad

I had a recent question about how to remove all the unwanted content on an iPod. Kathy only wanted to have music on her iPod, now that she had both an iPhone and an iPad to work with, and she had decided now to leave her iPod attached to the stereo in the living room. […]