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How to manage the content on your iPod, iPhone, or iPad

I had a recent question about how to remove all the unwanted content on an iPod. Kathy only wanted to have music on her iPod, now that she had both an iPhone and an iPad to work with, and she had decided now to leave her iPod attached to the stereo in the living room. […]


CONTENT MARKETING: A great step in the right direction… but much more is needed!

Sunday morning, relaxing at the breakfast table, I put down my coffee cup and pick up the Province newspaper. Out drops a flyer. Just one. My usual habit is to grab the whole pile of flyers stuffed into the section of the paper and immediately drop them in the recycling bin outside the kitchen door, […]


WARNING: A whole new kind of scam

QUESTION: As you read this post, also think about it from a communications and reputation-management perspective. If you were the company affected by this scam, how would you handle it?   Well, imagine my surprise yesterday when I made myself a mid-morning cup of coffee and re-opened my email to get caught up, and suddenly […]