Archives for December 2009


A good front-page story: Key elements

A short list of some key elements that make up a good story. Very elementary, but a good reminder, especially when I get mired in facts and lose sight of the heart and purpose of a story.


Brochures Compared

A comparison of two brochures — same craft product, same region, completely different marketing materials. Which do you like better?


The meaning is in the ear of the be-hearer

A friend, who also uses her computer every once in a while — uh, make that leaves her computer once in a while, sent me this. I hope you enjoy it, too! ea/ MY LIVING WILL Last night, my kids and I were sitting in the living room, having a chat. I said to them, […]


Social media users and crows: What we have in common

Some years ago, I witnessed a “crow funeral” on the street in front of my house. What seemed like hundreds of crows suddenly appeared in the air, in the trees, on the lawns, on the roofs, everywhere around my neighbourhood. A young crow had just died on the roadway, and the noise its friends and […]