Brochures Compared

OK, I have this obsessive twitch. I guess. At least other people tell me so. Occasionally. I don’t see it myself, but, whatever. So what if I treasure my boxes and boxes of “interesting information!”

However, I don’t have room for all this crazy stuff, so I’ve been going through it all and, well, recycling. Except I have to scan a bunch of it first: “It reminds of…,” or “This is so old it’s really funny!” or “Wow, that road/place/whatever isn’t there anymore…”

Today I came across two brochures, each one for a different myrtlewood crafts shop along the Oregon coast. I would have picked them up in 1990, the one and only time I ever made that (wonderful!) trip.

(A-hem. Problem with packing stuff around? What problem? It’s Good Stuff!)

OK, so it’s not all great stuff.

I tossed one to recycle unrecorded, and then scanned and recycled the other. On to other “stuff.”

Ten minutes later it suddenly occurred to me to wonder why I did that: keep one and not the other? I fished through the blue bin and pulled them both out, and suddenly saw them through my communicator’s eyes. One was interesting, had educational merit, and might be worth looking at again. The other was simply a store brochure, nothing more and nothing less.

Here they are, below.

And I have to ask: How can you and I design brochures for customers that some odd duck like me might like to scan and keep nearly twenty years on? And who knows, maybe I’ll even get to go down the coast again… and check out the store again… What does it take to gain longevity?


PS — I’m having so much fun with this, I might start up a whole category just for brochures! I should see if I can find a “Rate This” plug-in to go with the topic. It could become the data for an interesting study one of these days! See, my odd quirk might be professionally useful after all! LOL!

Brochure 1, Pg 1

Brochure 1, Pg 1


Brochure 1, Pg 2

Brochure 2, Pg 1

Brochure 2, Pg 1

Brochure 2, Pg 2

Brochure 2, Pg 2

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