It’s not Twitter, it’s the tweets!

I’ve been busy learning Twitter (I’m at, WordPress, YouTube, etc. In some ways, I find them simple to use; in other ways, it’s taking me quite a while to develop true fluency.

Some people say “social media” is just all babble and baloney. Conversely, others are star-struck by social media tools, and imagine that opening a Twitter account will save the world. Instead, and this is where I have to improve and sharpen my reflections and rhetoric, it’s not the tools, it’s the content that matters to me — whichever way I get it. If it’s not interesting and/or relevant to me, I simply don’t wanna know, no matter how it’s delivered.

McLuhan isn’t entirely right all of the time: the message isn’t the medium alone, although the medium can drastically influence the style of the message and how I interact with it. I think content can — and does — stand alone, and without it the media tools are useless.

It’s not Twitter… it’s the tweets!



Thanks to the following for helping to shape my thinking:

– David Meerman Scott:
– Chris Brogan:
– Mike Troiano:
– Alister Cameron:
– Marshall McLuhan:
– Molson Canadian’s “I am Canadian”:

And others…

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