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Content isn’t enough

A little while ago, I attended a webinar with The Customer Collective, on “social selling” (Selling with Web 2.0). In it, the presenters, all marketing experts, agreed that good content is absolutely essential, but it’s no longer enough on its own. (Oh. And here I thought I was finally starting to catch up.) Instead of […]


What’s in a name, anyway?

Apparently, a lot. You’ve got to read the story this guy tells about trying to name his puppy “Snowball.” Words elude me. ea/


It’s not Twitter, it’s the tweets!

I think content can — and does — stand alone, and without it the media tools are useless.


Great relationships — online or off

A great friendship depends on the people in it, not the medium they use.


On communications

(Sometimes words just get in the way…) ea/