Connection isn’t it either…

I feel like I’m on a treasure hunt for the golden nugget hidden deep in the heart of social media! I’d sure love to identify its most valuable asset.

Tools… Cool, but what’s their purpose?

Content… Yup, I love learning stuff, but…

Connection… OK, getting better and better… (BTW, my company name, Kiangle, is derived from an Irish word meaning connection, link, bond…)

I think Amber may have given me a hint when she said, “Give over to the idea that the connection isn’t the goal, but the portal through which rich and rewarding things can happen.”

Here’s her full post:


“Connection [is] the portal through which rich and rewarding things can happen.”

Nicely put.

What do you think? Have I just found where X marks the spot?

(And did I already stumble blindly right through the Treasure Zone when I wrote this?)


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