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Rubber duckies market benefits, not specs

I’m walking down the street, errands on my mind, when I realize I’ve just walked past a whole flock of rubber duckies… Eh? I turn back, and discover they are splashing around in a plumbing store’s window. Brilliant! I don’t really care about pipes and fancy faucets; I DO care about the pleasures of running […]


Be Prepared: A True Story

Once upon a time (mid 1980s), in a land far away (UVic), Prince Ken (Athletics and Recreation Director Ken Shields, most decorated varsity basketball coach in Canadian history) had a problem. He knew there were many things his principality, his area of the kingdom, needed — and needed badly — but, alas, he had no […]


Best print ad I think I’ve ever seen

Yeah, for sure, I’d absolutely love to go for a walk! Mt. Doug or Thetis Lake? Mmm, how about Thetis this time? See if any ducks have settled in for the winter yet. Oh, wait, where are my shoes? Hmm… these look a little… um… yuck! Yeah, I could definitely use some new ones… where […]


Sharing thoughts across time and space

I have a friend, named Tim, who lives all the way across the country. Tim is a wonderful, affable, total geekhead, and I mean that in the very best of ways. He’s smart, he’s fascinated by minutiae, and he loves sharing his discoveries of the hidden treasures in the mundane world as he finds them, […]