HOW-TO: Get colours and measurements from websites

When I want to create a consistent look across a number of different online spaces, I need to know what colours I used in space one (e.g. my website/blog) so I can use the same colours in space two (e.g. my Twitter Feed in the right hand column of my website). Or maybe I absolutely love a colour someone else uses on their website, and want to know what the HTML code for that exact colour is so I can use it on my own site, too!

Also, when I want to insert something into a space, such as an image into my website sidebar, I’d rather know the exact dimensions I need to make it fit or to have a neat and tidy look, instead of just using trial-and-error and seeing how it all works out.

Here is one way I have figured out to get this very useful information. I put together both a YouTube video version, complete with voice-over, and a SlideShare version with just the visuals, so pick the media style that works for you.

I’m so very much not a technical know-how person, so if I can do it, you can too! (In fact, I’m pretty proud that I figured all this stuff out! Woot! Moreover, I’m extremely grateful to all the folks in places like YouTube and SlideShare, not to mention bloggers, who post “how to” information for the “rest of us!”)

NOTE: It is a little longer than someone who is web-saavy would appreciate, but I really wanted to put this together at a pace that someone exploring this for the first time could keep up with it. If you already have a great idea about how web stuff works, the SlideShare presentation might be plenty for you instead of the 8-plus minute video…. or you could hit fast-forward, if you want… it’s all good!

Have fun with this!


Video version:

Mobile-friendly link:

SlideShare version:

NOTE: This post was originally published in Erin Anne’s own site,, in May 2010.

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