About Erin Anne

I use storytelling and "content marketing" to promote my clients' work. I develop and implement communications strategies using all the on- and offline tools and media at our disposal, publish books and ebooks and market them internationally, or even just simply create a new website and teach the client how to run it. If you have something interesting to say, a valuable service to offer, or an important cause to promote, I'd love to work with you, too!


  1. To attain the continued sales though, he planned to
    completely replace the page text with new material he’d used by the manufacturer from the product. Though today the Meta tags are not nearly as important as they were in the past and are certainly not the only things the search engines like yahoo look for when indexing your web site, they may be still somewhat essential in deciding the relevancy in the page for any keyword search. Ask yourself “Will I be happy when landing over a page this way.

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