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Notes from “The Agatha Christie Code”

The Agatha Christie Code As seen on PBS, produced in 2005, saw airing in December 2012 Few facts: Burial place: St Mary’s Church, Chelsea, Oxfordshire 2.3 billion books published, second only to Shakespeare Agatha Mary Clarissa Mallowan, known as Agatha Christie Born 1890 Died 1976 Research analysts who led this project: Dr Richard Forsyth, Research […]


Customers Who Stealth-Shop, and How Your Business Blog Can Reach Them

In this insightful piece, The Dumbest Excuse SMBs Use to Avoid Blogging, author Doug Rekenthaler argues that customers have turned the traditional buying process on its head, not entering the direct marketing process until the very last stages of their buying process. They avoid direct contact with the company or the sales person until they’ve […]