First off, you see this home page? It’s most definitely NOT the best approach for welcoming people into a website. You really just want to get on with what you are here to do, not read a bunch of blether about beaches and libraries… (If you do, that’s down below; if you don’t, don’t!)

However, the welcome mat is still being woven, so stay tuned. Oh, and some good news: the contact form works properly. (At least that’s something!)

Thanks for your patience.

Kiangle Communications is a Metro Vancouver-based boutique firm that advises and guides clients through communications channels to advance your business or social objectives.

The fields of marketing, public relations, advertising, copywriting, web design, and even sales are in the midst of an major renovation of their own, so the “under construction” nature and design of this site right now is actually in keeping with the marketplace, oddly enough!

  • Where do we draw the lines between marketing and PR today?
  • How does community development, a rapidly-growing newcomer to the communications world, affect website design?
  • Does advertising in the Yellow Pages work anymore, or is that monthly fee better spent on other ideas for reaching your potential clients?
  • Does social media work for B2B businesses?
  • Are non-profits discovering effective new ways to gain supporters on a shoestring budget?
  • How long will small business have an edge over big business in this weird new marketing world?
  • What about legal questions that company and organization leaders regularly raise as they struggle with whether to engage in online media or not?
  • And what about they myriad of everyday questions this still-new range of communications tools presents us all with every day?

Phot of Erin Anne Beirne

Erin Anne Beirne

Erin Anne Beirne, principal consultant of Kiangle Communications, has been working in online environments and communities since the mid-1990’s, has been a program manager and marketer since the early 1980’s, and has been writing and dreaming up ideas since she was a child, with only the beach at the foot of her street, the cemetery next door, and after-hours at the public library where her father worked, to entertain her. (No TV!)

She has a Master of Arts in Professional Communication degree from Royal Roads University, still lives near the beach, is on the Board of Directors at the Surrey Foundation, and plays bass for the Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services Band.