Steve asked a great question about uploading photos to Cincopa from an iPhone. His question is in response to this post: “How-To: Photo gallery using Cincopa-Wordpress-iPhone-Autostitch”.

Steve asked, “How did you upload your photos from your iPhone to your Cincopa gallery? Is there an app for that?”

Here is my response, FWIW…

Heh, good question, Steve. I wish…

You sure you’re ready for the pilgrimage that is called “mobile uploading to Cincopa?” It’s a little painful, so I would describe it as being “only for the committed.”

1. Take picture on your iPhone.
2. Edit it as you wish: crop, straighten, stitch, whatever.
3. Open your blogging app (I use WordPress so I’ll give you that instruction set)
4. Use Quick Photo to post your photo to your blog.
5. Change the setting to private.
6. Grab the URL for the location of your photo in your media library in your blogsite.
7. Open your Cincopa account in regular view (don’t use the mobile version, it won’t let you do much of anything!)
8. Click on Media Platform.
9. Click on Media Library.
10. Click on Upload.
11. Click on Upload from URL.
12. Paste your photo URL, the one you copied from your media library folder, into the URL bar.
13. Don’t bother with the iPhone “Go” button — it doesn’t work in Cincopa! Just tap the “Done” button.
14. Scroll down the page to the bottom and click “Upload.”

Rinse and repeat for the rest of the photos. (You could batch them: upload several at once to your WordPress site, then copy the URLs into your Notes app, then go over to Cincopa and copy-paste them into the URL bars one at a time, up to 5 in one batch, then upload the batch all at once.)

Then you need to create your gallery. For some reason that escapes my comprehension, I can’t get this to work on my iPhone. However, it *does* work on my iPad, quite easily actually, so I use this for this stage (if not for all of it — the bigger real estate makes it a lot easier to do).

Once your gallery is ready, type your gallery link (copy-paste doesn’t work) into your post. And hopefully everything will look as you expected!

Here’s my “how did I do this again?” quick gallery of three photos I made entirely by iPhone and iPad:

[cincopa AAOA6uqk2rZb]

I’m almost afraid to ask if this helps.



(PS: I couldn’t get uploads to Flickr or Dropbox to work this way, but any published links to specific pictures, such as the media library link in on of my blogs, did work this way.)

(PS 2: This is much easier by far if you use two devices at once: do some steps on one device and some on the other.)

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