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PORTFOLIO: Allowances, Dollars and Sense by Paul W. Lermitte

After four years of careful work, and with the help of an awesome team led by Kiangle Communications Inc, Paul W. Lermitte completely revised and updated, then designed and self-published the second edition of his book, Allowances, Dollars and Sense. The book, originally published in 1999, was a bestseller internationally, and Paul kept getting requests […]



Here are all the current (time-limited) deals offered by We use this site to purchase web tools and graphics for on- and offline projects often, but haven’t used every product they promote here.


DEMO: Right-justify a column in WP-Table Reloaded

Trying to solve a puzzle: how to right-justify currency data in a table from within the table, without altering the CSS code in the background. I’m using WordPress 3.3 and WP-Table Reloaded at the time of press (January 24, 2012). Here I tried using <td align=”right”>$100.00</td> within the relevant cells, and was surprised to see […]


RESOURCES: Pay with a Tweet

I haven’t checked this out yet, except that I encountered it as a subscriber to (a great resource of graphic and digital tools at great discounts!). Every now and again, gives away freebies, and this morning was one of those days. I clicked on the link, gave them my email address, got my […]


On being new and innovative

Interesting. Seth Godin said this today: …The lizard brain seeks constant reassurance. It will wheedle and argue and debate with the rest of your head, pushing for one tiny bit of evidence, some sort of proof that everything will be okay. Don’t do it. When you indulge the lizard, it gains power. It doesn’t walk […]


HOW-TO: Get colours and measurements from websites

When I want to create a consistent look across a number of different online spaces, I need to know what colours I used in space one (e.g. my website/blog) so I can use the same colours in space two (e.g. my Twitter Feed in the right hand column of my website). Or maybe I absolutely […]