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Business model for social media?

Years ago, folks had to figure out how to use the printing press in a way that generated revenue instead of creating a financial loss. Bright minds figured it out after a little while, and their ideas have been in use ever since. Then, suddenly, we had radio. Coolidge embraced it and won the post […]


Connection isn’t it either…

I feel like I’m on a treasure hunt for the golden nugget hidden deep in the heart of social media! I’d sure love to identify its most valuable asset. Tools… Cool, but what’s their purpose? Content… Yup, I love learning stuff, but… Connection… OK, getting better and better… (BTW, my company name, Kiangle, is derived […]


Try then buy: A Web 2.0 update on an old idea

I just realized I did something interesting yesterday, and I didn’t even think about the broader implication at the time. The short version of the story isn’t so thrilling: I bought a book. But here’s the backstory. A year or two ago I discovered this guy on the Internet who had some useful, and sometimes […]


Check Facebook settings often

So, this weekend I’m showing a friend, someone who has had a Facebook account for some time but who has seldom used it, how to raise his privacy settings and limit what his applications do with his information. It used to be that clicking on “Applications” under settings was enough to reveal all the Facebook […]